Back Story

Located in Portland, Oregon.
A PDX native who’s always had a love for anything creative!

I made my first flower crown in the Summer of 2016. I created a large, purple, light up crown for a small festival called Cascadia, located deep in the woods of Washington. That crown was durable enough to survive five festivals and several parties in the park! It’s still a key piece in my festival gear wardrobe!

Fast forward to March 2018 at LivingPrism’s Bloom Spring-inspired shenanigans and my friend’s birthday. I created flower crowns for my beautiful ladies to wear at the show. All evening long we were greeted with smiles and inquiries about where we got our amazing flower crowns. From that moment on, I knew these needed to be shared…and so, Flower Your Crown was born.

Each flower crown is crafted by hand in my free time and I do all of my own photography (minus the photos I’m in, of course). My amazing tech-savvy boyfriend helps with the website and my beautiful friends graciously model for me. Every item is made with some serious love.