• Do you ship worldwide?
    I currently do not offer this shipping option. But, if you live outside of the United States and are interested in purchasing a crown, please e-mail me with your information and I will get back to you on shipping costs.
  • How long will my order take?
    Flower crowns are ready to ship. I aim for 7 business days from the time I get your order to the time that you receive it. There are no guarantees on shipping arrival dates. If you need expedited shipping please e-mail me!
  • My order is a gift. Can you do anything special?
    Of course. Please e-mail me which item you ordered and what you would like me to do. I don’t mind adding a small card or something special. All of my orders, a gift or not, are wrapped in brown tissue paper, closed with a Flower Your Crown logo sticker and a small “Thank You” note from me.
  • Do you use real flowers?
    I use artificial flowers that will last much longer than fresh flowers. These crowns should last you many occasions!
  • Do you use Eco-Friendly materials?
    That is my goal for the future! The hope is to have plastic alternatives available at some point. I’m interested in paper, leather and cloth materials currently. If you have Eco-Friendly ideas or companies, please send them my way!!!
  • Are your crowns ready to ship?
    Yes, they are! Items are not listed until they are created and photographed. Each item is one of a kind, and in most cases, cannot be replicated. When you purchase a crown, know that it is uniquely yours.
  • How are your crowns illuminated?
    Illuminated crowns have a string of 20 ultra-bright warm light LEDs, powered by two replaceable CR2032 batteries. A set of batteries should last you several occasions. My personal crown has lasted about 2-3 evenings out.
  • My flower crown got dirty, how do I clean it?
    A simple damp cloth and a wipe down with warm water and soap should do the trick. For illuminated crowns, be cautious with moisture. Some of the battery packs I use are “watertight”, but the wires should not get wet.
  • I live in/near PDX. Can I pick my crown up locally?
    Yes, this could be a possibility! Please e-mail me at floweryourcrown@gmail.com to discuss options.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes, this could be a possibility! I’m willing to drive up to a 10-mile radius of Milwaukie, Oregon. Please e-mail me at floweryourcrown@gmail.com to discuss options.
  • I’m interested in a set of crowns for my event (bridal party, birthday party, etc), do you do large orders?
    Yes, I can! Please e-mail me for inquiries on special orders. Because most of my crowns are one of a kind we would need to collaborate on the look and flowers you’re interested in.
  • My illuminated flower crown will not light up.
    First, open the battery pack and make sure the paper preventing the batteries from draining when not in use has been removed.
    Then, test your batteries or swap them with new ones.
    Lastly, if you suspect the batteries were dead or low upon arrival, I can send you a set of replacement batteries. LED light strands are brand new and tested when I install them onto the crowns.
  • I received my order, but I am not happy. What now?
    Please e-mail me immediately and let me know what I can do!
    1. I can send you additional materials if you would like to make a modification.
    2. You may ship the item back to me, at your expense, and I will gladly make any desired changes.
    3. If you would like to send the item back for a full refund, you can do this. Please note, return postage is at the buyer’s expense.
    4. If your order was damaged or destroyed in shipping, please e-mail me a photo and we will work out a solution. Due to the individualized nature of each crown, I may not be able to exactly replicate your item, but I will do my best to get you something that will make you feel proud to wear!